Focuser hack

One of the problems with focusing a telescope at high magnification is that even the slightest touch on the most sturdy mount will still shake the scope a little bit- making the image blurry for a few seconds every time.

In this hack we will be making a little cap to fit over the focuser knob on my 8″ Celectron SCT.

Parts needed:
7/8″ inch rubber cap- probably designed for the end of a table leg or ??
A piece of stiff wire- a coat hanger will do nicely.

Years ago a salesman at Scope City in San Diego showed me this little trick- and even gave me a few extra caps. I still have 3 of them.

Bend your wire into an apropriate handle shape and length as desired.

Stick it into the cap thusly.

And attach to the telescope.

This reduces the vibration transferred to the scope by a -lot-.

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